POWR MAG (Protectors of Wetlands & River Magnetawan) Inc.

About Us


POWR MAG envisions pristine waters, flourishing flora and fauna, the scenic vistas and natural skylines throughout the Magnetawan River and wetlands - an eco-system that is respected, protected and enjoyed by informed and engaged citizens today in trust for future generations.   


POWR MAG engages with residents, governments, and other stakeholders to ensure that the natural environment, scenic beauty and peaceful quality of life along the Magnetawan River and its wetlands are protected and enhanced. POWR MAG acts in the interests of local and downstream communities and citizens to: 

  • Educate and provide effective stewardship to maintain or improve the natural ecological features in order that all enjoy swimmable and fishable river water.
  • Support eco-friendly and oppose incompatible land uses or development through solid research, monitoring, fostering awareness and participating in public processes.   


  • Hold ourselves accountable  for our environmentally sustainable actions, where we undo past wrongs and engage in forward-thinking initiatives.  
  • Support green, ecofriendly tourism and industry.  
  • Conserve and protect ecological systems, natural features and water resources.   
  • Protect and improve for Generations Forward  
  • Defend and protect the natural environment by strong, legal methods.  

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POWR MAG (Protectors of Wetlands & River Magnetawan) Inc.

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